The Facts of Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery


Wendy Williams is very admired American host. Do you know her? She is often seen on television. She owns a show named “Wendy”. Before being a popular host, Wendy Williams was on several radio shows. She grew good reputation because of her on-air argument with some celebrities. She is talented host. She has talked about some procedures of plastic surgery through some interviews with many guests. But, did Wendy Williams take the plastic surgery for her own? Let’s find the answer of Wendy Williams plastic surgery.

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before & After

There were many speculations about her boobs on internet. As we know that most women prefer to have fuller breasts. Some people stated that bigger breasts could give countless confidence. Certainly, Wendy Williams also has same desire. Wendy declared to have a tummy tuck and a boob job. Wendy Williams does not cover the reality that she has taken 1-2 procedures. She even gives explanation to her son why she took some breast implants. Wendy was growing up as a fat kid, so she lost some weight and improved her bra size. She said that she was not comfortable with her own skin. Williams has apparently spent about $6500 for breast implants. In a show, she advises the audiences to have normal-sized breast implants if they plan to lose weight. This gives a sense that she knows the feels to have a thin body with big pair of breasts. Several observers think that the breast augmentation taken by Wendy William is a failure. This is because the size of her boobs makes imbalanced body look. Now, her body looks extremely curvy and shapely. When she stands up, she appears unsteady. The unsteady look may be caused by the heels that she wears. Or it can be caused by an extremely heavy and busty top that she has. Her recent boobs look extremely heavy for her body.

The rumors about Wendy Williams plastic surgery, especially a tummy tuck appeared since several fans could not believe that Wendy got her weight loss only by exercising and dieting. All the scars from tummy tuck are hidden, so it is hard to tell the sign if this remedy is done. There is other way to tell if she took a tummy tuck unless she wears some revealing clothes or a bikini. Wendy Williams stated that she had tummy tuck some years ago. But, the weight loss was not completely because of the liposuction. Her weight loss is a combination of several factors.

Liposuction is not broadly used since this medical procedure literally cuts off the extra fat from the spot where the fat is so hard to get rid of with diet or exercise. Williams possibly was one of people who want to wear pretty dresses that could reveal her body shape. This might be one of the reasons William has taken liposuction. Liposuction is commonly chosen by women who want to get perfect body shape without hard effort. Without doing diet or exercise, they could get their dreamed body shape. The other potential reason is that William’s weight has increased unpredictably after the birth of her son, Kevin Hunter Jr. The liposuction could make her tummy appears slimmer, making an augmented appearance to her big breasts. The most horrible part after a tummy tuck surgery is that it could leave scars on the tummy. American plastic surgeon stated that most tummy tuck surgeries will leave scars. There are many factors that could affect the process of lightening the scars, like surgery performance, genetics, the technique of surgery, etc.

Wendy currently had a weight loss around 50 pounds. To find out the detail, we can take a look at her previous and recent photos. After comparing the photos, we can see the change. She said that she planned to discard the pounds by a lot of self control in 3 years. Her weight loss make her bust more prominent. She also gets hotter and hotter. You can see her photos to see the comparison. By seeing the photos, we know that Wendy Williams is very serious in maintaining her weight off. She is prettier and prettier over the years. Many people may think that see seems better with her age. Do you agree with this?

Wendy Williams appreciably looks healthier than her prior fat body. She said that she goes to the gym to lose her weight and fight the heart disease. Losing weight healthily is very good thing. It is a sign that Wendy Williams always pays attention to her weight. She stated that she does slow and steady exercise. She does not believe crash diet that can give quicker effect.

If you watch Wendy Williams on TV, you can also see that there is no sign of wrinkles on her face. You may wonder she still look so flawless at her old age. Is Wendy Williams plastic surgery true? Her smooth facial skin has made rumors that she used Botox and took facelifts. Botox users should avoid overdose since it could cause lump on the face. But, Wendy Williams’s face still looks natural and supple. There is also other speculation that says Wendy Williams had an eyelift. Eyelift is commonly used to tighten eyes. It could also make face seems younger. Eyelift is popular to make the eyes look bigger and eliminate the lines around the eyes. From the previous photos, some netizens state that Wendy should have rounder nose tip. The recent photos show a little change in her nose shape. At these modern days, there are many celebrities take rhinoplasty to get smaller and more pointed nose. Wendy Williams may also underwent a nose job. Some people also said that Wendy Williams’s cheeks are lifted surgically. The possible treatment is cheek bone implant.  But, still there is no admittance of that.

Whatever Wendy Williams plastic surgey is true or not, we could enjoy her show very much. Though her look is improved using plastic surgeries, our focus will be on the program that she brings. Many people love her because of her talent when bringing a talk show. We just hope that she won’t be keen on plastic surgery procedures.

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