Tisha Campbell Plastic Surgery Before & After


Some women having plastic surgery simply because they have so much money to make their dream come true. We can say that Tisha Campbell is one of celebrity who have much money though she isn’t too famous but that being spotlighted due her plastic surgery. Tisha Campbell is an American actress, singer and dancer. She used to known with her role as Janet “Jay” Johnson-Kyle on the ABC television sitcom My Wife and Kids. Beside that some also said she is socialite too due her husband is a successful real estate agent. And well knowing about it, it’s easy for her to enhanced her appearance more and more with plastic surgery. But well too much plastic surgery isn’t too good for some people. And unfortunately, this woman seems also experiencing the bad fate with the surgery.

Tisha Campbell plastic surgery before and after

Judging from her before and after picture, Tisha Campbell really didn’t need any surgery. No matter her reason is, the plastic surgery is something useful for her. But cant help that as an actress and socialite, she should paying attention well to her appearance. You must known well that socialite life is also cruel too. They may talking good about you in front of your face but then stabbed you with cruel gossip in your back. And for them, perfect appearance is something important too. It may the reason why this woman out herself on surgery table to enhanced her appearance.

Too much lip implants for her

By observing her before and after picture, people attention must be derived to her lip that looks so thick and put. It seems that her lip is away from normal and looks unnatural at all. Actually she used to have thicker lip and it really good for her. But then she seems not really satisfied with the natural and normal looks from her face. No wonder then she tries to makes it better with the plastic surgery for the lip implant or lip enhancement. She may got silicone or saline that was injected into the lip part.

Plastic surgery result

Due we don’t know how much CCs silicone or saline that was injected into her mouth, all the thing we can do is feel sorry for her. Really she didn’t need any surgery due her lip is thicker enough. And now the surgery result is really disappointing due it looks so big, thicker, wide and looks so unnatural.

What then Tisha Campbell response?

Until bow the actress wont said anything regarding to plastic surgery. It seems that she tries to keep the plastic surgery in private. That why we don’t know well whether she really got surgery or it just something has changed from her face.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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