Tracy Anderson Plastic Surgery Before & After


You may don’t know who Tracy Anderson is but every celebrities in Hollywood know her well. She is quite famous among celebrity as American multi-platform fitness/wellness entrepreneur and author. Look at her client such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, Courteney Cox, Shakira, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ashley Greene, Jennifer Lopez, and Bethenny Frankel. Besides being famous because has working together with many celebs, this woman is also known well with her addiction to plastic surgery. Yes it called addiction because she obviously shown to us that her face has changed from time to time. Its likely that she has playing too hard with plastic surgery and then she seems didn’t have any personality due her face that changed quite often.

Tracy Anderson plastic surgery before and after

Everybody must be agree that Tracy Anderson plastic surgery before and after shows us drastic differences. But it wasn’t the positive thing for her. The plastic surgery before and after seems show us she has going too far with plastic surgery. She has changed her appearance to the awful one due having addicted to plastic surgery. Actually, she has natural beauty that didn’t need enhanced with plastic surgery at all. That natural beauty even can’t be compared with several her celebrity client. But well it seems that she doesn’t understand it all. That why instead keeping it in its way, she bit botched her face with plastic surgery.

Facelift and botox ruined her face

Cant help that the botox and facelift seems ruined her face a bit. That awful looks not too visible if she using makeup on her face. But when you see her plain face, you know that she has going too far with those procedures above. The botox makes her face looks so stiffed and could burst anytime. The facelift actually able to removed aging sign from her face but it also looks so stiffed and too rigid. Though she looks so young, but many will said that those procedures, botox and facelift has ruined her face a little bit.

Blepharoplasty and breast implant too for Tracy Anderson

Its likely that the personal trainer also having blepharoplasty done. The procedure makes her eyes looks bigger and wider without any aging sign and baggy from her eyes area. But those parts also looks stiffed and unnatural for her. Judging from her before and after picture, seems that she also got the body enhancement through plastic surgery. Herr breast that looks bigger with fuller cleavage triggering strong speculation she also get the breast implant too.

What does experts say about Tracy Anderson plastic surgery?

Some people said that this woman got surgery because she get along with famous celebs quite often. And the plastic surgery speculation was confirmed by many experts. But if some people said she is bit overdoing with surgery, the experts instead praise her surgery. “Madonna’s personal trainer appears to have had fillers in her lips, as they appear pouty in some photos. In addition, she may have had fillers in her face, and Botox in her forehead. I do not see she has had any additional work performed. Overall, she does not look too overdone” said Dr. Paul S. Nassif.

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