Types Of Breast Implants as Your Best Considerations


There several types of breast implants in this modern era. You have to know about them when you want to implant your breasts before everything has done. This article is useful for the patients who need some enlightenment with breast implant procedures.


This is the first type of breast implants which is quite popular. The silicone shell will be filled with sterile salt water. The women who have eighteen years old or older can wear saline breast implants. For your information, the shell should be leaked in order to be expelled naturally.

Silicone Gel

The second type is the most popular one, silicone breast implants. For your information, the silicone shell will be filled with the silicone gel entirely. Many women feel that this type is more natural regarding to the shape and the breast tissue. Unlike the saline implant, this silicone gel will not be collapse if the implant leaks. The minimum age requirement of silicone implant is twenty two years old.

Gummy Bear

The gummy bear breast implant is also included as types of breast implants. The difference between this implant with the traditional gel implants is located on the thickness. The gummy bear implant has thicker silicone gel by the way. The benefit of this implant is when the shell was broken. It maintains its form as stable as possible. Furthermore, the form is firmer and shaped instead of round.

Round Breast Implants

This type of breast implant is more preferred to make fuller breast rather than gummy bear breast implant. The patient will have higher breast with this implant. If the patient wants to reposition her breast, round breast implant should be considered.

Smooth Implant

Smooth breast implants as the next types of breast implants offer softer and natural form than the other breasts implants. If the patients want to have more natural movement of their breast, this breast implant is the best option for them. For your information, smooth implant provides softest silicone so that it can move with its pocket in a time.

Textured Implants

While the other breast implants offer the breast movement as natural as possible, the textured implants give less movement inside the breast. This breast implants surgery concerns to make the scar tissue stick on its position.


We have seen many types of implant surgery for breasts above. All types provide their own functions and purposes. Therefore, the patient should know each of them firstly. There are no best types of breast implants if the patient did not consult first with the surgeons.

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