Ursula Andress Plastic Surgery Before & After


Being hottest woman in the past even named as sexy symbol makes Ursula Andress hard to accept the fact that she is getting older now. Yes its true that today Ursula Andress age is already 78 years old. But we know she well since she was named as one of Hollywood sex symbol and best known for her role as Bond girl Honey Ryder in the first James Bond film, Dr. No. Its likely that for the actress who won the Golden Globe for her role in that film, leaving her glory as young, sexy and beautiful woman isn’t the easy thing. That why she then showing us the traces of plastic surgery that obviously seen on her face. Yes the actress then tries to found her youthful fountain with the help of plastic surgery.

Ursula Andress Plastic Surgery

Ursula Andress Plastic Surgery Before & After

Ursula Andress plastic surgery before and after

By observing Ursula Andress plastic surgery before and after, we know that this woman seems can’t accept the fact that she is getting older now. Its likely that the actress has her own pride to remain beautiful no matter how old she is. And yes, just like any other Hollywood veteran, the actress shows us that she is seeking for help from plastic surgery. The plastic surgery is believed will makes her younger and remain fascinating till now. But unfortunately, instead of looking good with plastic surgery, many people believed that the actress has playing so hard with plastic surgery. Dies she has her own obsession to plastic surgery procedure.

Ursula Andress playing hard with facelift

Judging from her before and after picture, you will see that the facelift leaving bad marks on her face. It seems the actress has plating so hard with the facelift procedure done. At first, we can say that the facelift makes her face looks flawless and there are no hard line or wrinkles apeared there. But in other hand, the facelift also makes her face looks so weird and unnatural at all. Her face seems so tight and there are some parts on it looks lifted unnaturally.

Her facelift is getting worst with botox

It seems that the actress has combined botox with facelift procedure too. The facelift procedure already giving a weird looks on her face and unfortunately, she then combined it with botox injection. She may tries botox to recover the facelift result or vice versa. But seems that the both procedure ruin her natural beauty and in short we should admit that Ursula Andress plastic surgery hasn’t giving positive result on her.

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