Vince Neil Plastic Surgery Before & After


Some male celebrities tried so hard to hide the fact that the has conducted plastic surgery procedure. But some of them without any hesitation admitting has put himself under the surgery scalpel to enhanced their looks. American vocalist and musician, best known as the lead vocalist of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, Vince Neil one of them who admitting having plastic surgery procedure. Well its quite shocking because this 54 years old man admitting he has surgery though wont talk too much about it. Really, he isn’t the only one male celebs who has put their self on the surgery table to enhanced their appearance. Just like Gene Simons, Axl Rose, Steven Tyler and our legendary icon Michael Jackson are male celebrities who seems botched their face through surgery. So what about Vince Neil condition?

Vince Neil plastic surgery before and after

Though we cant called his plastic surgery is failure, but judging from Vince Neil plastic surgery before and after picture, this man has going too far with it. He used to a rocker ladies man but that bloated and puffed face makes him looks like an old lady. The plastic surgery seems changed his fierce looks to looks like old woman due there is an feminine image that left there. The rocker self willingly to admit he got surgery done. He even tapped it through Remaking Vince Neil‘ on VH1.

Total facial reconstruction with facelift for Vince Neil

Its true that this man got his total facial reconstruction through plastic surgery for the facelift. Some people said that he need to do this due his appearance is getting worst after his drug addiction. To returning his looks, this man then got his total facial reconstruction through facelift. And unfortunately, the plastic surgery for the facelift giving another weird looks for him. His face looks puffed and bloated and what happen with that feminine looks on his face?

Nose job makes him even weirder

Though having that kind famines looks giving him weird appearance, but he is managed to makes his face looks younger and the traces of drug bit disappeared there. But he then makes his appearance getting weirder due his nose job procedure. You must be realize that this man having kind of weird nose with too rounded nasal tip than anyone else. That rounder lip makes his appearance getting even weirder now.

Vince got his browlift and cheek lift too.

And then seems not enough, this man latter got another procedure for the browlift and cheek lift too. We don’t know he really want to removed the drug traces from his face or those procedure is for the aesthetic reason. But the browlift and cheek lift are successfully makes Vince Neil appearance looks away from normal.

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