Yulia Volkova Plastic Surgery Before & After


Its hard to convince a woman that without any surgery they are still looks good and stunning. The same thing happens to Russian singer, recording artist and actress, best known for being a member in the Russian girl group t.A.T.u.,Julia Volkova. Yulia Volkova may has ended her career with t.A.Tu but she is still a celebrity due conducting solo career. But many people feel shocked whenever seeing Yulia Volkova recent appearance. She looks changed too much and it become disaster for her. Instead of looking good with surgery, her face seems botched and so horrible as we can see now.

Yulia Volkova plastic surgery before and after

Seriously, whenever looking at Julia Volkova plastic surgery before and after, you must be realize how much she has been ruined her face through plastic surgery. the plastic surgery is really makes her face looks like a nightmare. She used to very beautiful woman with amazing looks though known with her tomboyish looks. She is really pretty and we know it well. But seems that she then feel insecure with the facts that her age is already 30 years old. Though her age is reached that amount, but she is still too young for surgery. And as the result, the plastic surgery is really ruined her life.

Browlift, botox and facelift are too early for Yulia Volkova

In her 30 years old, Julia Volkova showing the facts that her face was touched by numerous plastic surgery procedure. Her face showing the indication that browlift, botox and facelift has been done there. Her eyebrow looks lifted and higher unnaturally due the plastic surgery result for the browlift. Not only that, the facelift also giving her unnaturally frozen forehead thought it keep this area free from frown. The facelift instead giving her a good looks, its makes the facial skin looks so tight and she seems wore a mask this time.

She botched her face with too much lip implant and probably nose job too

The most obviously plastic surgery sign that can be seen on her face probably the fact that this woman get the plastic surgery for the lip enhancement done. That unnaturally thicker and tout lip is the real evidence that the lip enhancement been done there. Her lip seems very big and swollen rather than plumped and fuller. Some people also said that she got the nose job procedure due the nasal part looks slimmer and thinner for her facial shape.

This expert say about Yulia Volkova plastic surgery

Yulia Volkova plastic surgery is really nightmare and many feel sorry for it. Though she seems denied about the surgery, many plastic surgeons guaranteed that she got the surgery done. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Julia Volkova certainly has had some facial cosmetic work done including a nose job (Rhinoplasty) and dermal fillers to her lips. The changes are very obvious and not very natural looking. Her lips over time will decrease in size; however her nose has an irregular shape and to correct that would need to be surgically revised.”

Plastic surgery effect others:

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